Archived Local Newspaper Stories

Swansea Council leader under fire over 'crass and insulting letter' - 6th September - Evening Post
Local Conservatives aid Pakistani Floods Appeal - 31st August - Evening Post
Swansea's Conservative leader calls for council arts funding - 13th August - Evening Post
Conservatives select Anthony Ridge-Newman to run for Gower - 6th August - Evening Post

Local Conservative Candidate signs 'pensioner pledge' and attacks Labour lies - 5th May - Evening Post
It's up to the people of Swansea West to vote for change says David Cameron - 3rd May - Western Mail
René Kinzett: "We've got a job to do in Afghanistan" - 2nd May - BBC News
Poll shows only Conservatives can beat Labour in Wales - 1st May - Western Mail
Swansea City traders back Tories' tax petition - 30th April - Evening Post
René Kinzett speaks out against anti-social behaviour - 30th April - Evening Post
Former Welsh Secretary Lord Hunt: Cameron would help Swansea Market Traders - 29th April - Evening Post

Expenses features as major question at local hustings - 27th April - Evening Post
Dr. Kay Swinburn MEP visits Swansea West- 24th April - Evening Post
René Kinzett stands up against the BNP - 24th April - Evening Post
Swansea West Urban Village could boost local economy say local Conservatives- 16th April - BBC News
Welsh Conservatives in economy manifesto pledge - 16th April - BBC News
Leader of Welsh Conservatives criticises "carpet bagging Labour candidate" in Swansea West - 16th April - Evening Post
Conservatives continue to campaign against local tennis centre closure - 15th April - BBC News
Leader of the Welsh Conservatives visits Swansea West - 15th April 2010 - Evening Post
'Tories will protect key front-line jobs in Swansea' - 12th April 2010 - Evening Post
New poll puts Conservatives and Labour neck-and-neck in Swansea - 9th April 2010 - Evening Post
Campaign to turn Swansea blue has kicked off - 9th April 2010 - Evening Post
Welsh Secretary Peter Hain admits Labour are facing a tough fight in South Wales - 8th April 2010 - Evening Post
Swansea's Daniel James school in special measures- 7th April 2010 - BBC News
Report calls for faster reform of Swansea's social services - 25th March 2010 - Evening Post
Outside experts will continue to oversee Swansea's social services - 24th March 2010 - BBC News
Questions raised over security at courthouse after prisoner escapes - 13th October 2009 - BBC News
Key report slams I.T. Failings at city council - 7th August 2008 - Evening Post
Walkout in row on £8m bill for egov  - 2nd August 2008 - Evening Post
NEWS: Councillors' mass walkout after public debate refused - 1st August 2008 - Evening Post
Assurance on security of bank details after blunder  - 28th July 2008 - Evening Post
East vs west? - 'sad remark insults the spirit of our community'  - 24th July 2008 - Evening Post
Council does u-turn on rubbish backlog  - 19th July 2008 - Evening Post
Council tax threatened by 'summer of unrest'  - 18th July 2008 - Evening Post
City tories get behind loo scheme - 17th June 2008 - Evening Post