Campaigners hail bus route u-turn

Campaigners in Mayals have welcomed the new bus route that will take in one of the steepest and longest walks in Mayals.


Cllr Linda Tyler-Lloyd was originally told by First Cymru that Westport Avenue off Mayals Road could not be added to the number 37 bus route as it would take an extra three minutes.


Cllr Tyler-Lloyd said "I was first of all told by the bus company that it was 'impossible' for them to find an extra three minutes


"I am pleased that they have been able to look at this in more detail and come up with a solution that works for residents."


Cllr Tyler-Lloyd was made aware of the lack of a bus by local residents last autumn and has since then been working to get the road added to the bus route.


The announcement has also been welcomed by Emma Lane, the Conservative's candidate for Swansea West.


Mrs Lane said "Its hard to understand why they couldn't add an extra three minutes on to the existing route.


"When I have been to the Quadrant Bus Station the buses are often waiting there for a lot more than three minutes."


The new route will begin on Tuesday 7th April 2015 immediately following the Easter Bank Holiday and run every day of the week as well as Saturdays.


Cllr Tyler-Lloyd added "It is a shame that the bus couldn't have been sorted before Christmas when we had icey weather, however at least it will mean that residents will no longer have to walk all the way up and down Westport Avenue just so that they can get into Swansea."


Pictured: Cllr Linda Tyler-Lloyd, Emma Lane, Sylvia McLean, John McLean, Kate Healings, Harry Healings, Shirley Hatton.

As featured in the South Wales Evening Post on Saturday 4th April 2015