Candidate makes Disability Awareness call

During Dementia Awareness week, one would-be MP has proposed new laws to help raise disability awareness.

Craig Lawton, who is standing for the Welsh Conservatives in Swansea West at this year’s General Election, has set out his plans his new law.

“There are some brilliant organisations and charities that help people understand more about disability.

“However more needs to be done to make sure that the right skills and knowledge are passed on to all the people that might need them.

“There are examples of private companies supplying services for councils and governments in Wales and throughout the UK that could do a lot more.”

Mr Lawton highlighted some examples of how this training could make a difference.

“One example would be a private taxi firm contracted by a council to help take children living with disabilities to school.

“Whether that taxi driver has the right understanding and knowledge of disability could make the difference between that young person have a good or poor experience.

“Many of the examples are things that lots of us take for granted, however they can make a big difference to other people’s lives.”

Mr Lawton, who has himself trained as a Dementia Friend with Alzheimer’s Society, has been meeting with charities to learn more about the skills that are needed.

“Alzheimer’s Society, Guide Dogs Cymru, and National Autistic Society Cymru are just a few of the charities that I have learnt more about disability awareness from.

“If elected as the Member of Parliament for Swansea West on June 8th I will work to bring legislation forward to encourage councils to make sure their staff, and the staff of companies that deliver services for them, get the appropriate level of disability awareness training.”