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Calls for Swansea elected mayor

As the campaign for an elected mayor for Cardiff has officially been lauched, could Swansea soon be the centre of similar discussions? If one campaigner has their way then Wales' second largest city could be that little bit closer quite soon.

Calls for Swansea Museum options to be explored

SHADOW Welsh Culture Minister Suzy Davies has given her backing in principle to proposals to set up not-for-profit bodies to run major venues in Swansea like Swansea Museum and the Dylan Thomas exhibition.

Give Swansea residents a real say on Council Tax

Craig Lawton,  Swansea West's Welsh Conservative Assembly candidate, penned an open letter calling on Swansea's Labour Council to give residents a real say about local Council Tax.

Hundreds of Swansea shoppers call for free car parking

As Small Business Saturday takes place in Swansea and across Wales this weekend there will be an opportunity for local, independently run businesses to be championed in the wake of Black Friday and Cyber Monday