Give Swansea residents a real say on Council Tax

Craig Lawton,  Swansea West's Welsh Conservative Assembly candidate, penned an open letter calling on Swansea's Labour Council to give residents a real say about local Council Tax.

Swansea Labour's Council Tax Rise

Swansea’s Labour-led council increased council tax by 3.5% in their first year and this was followed by a 5% increase, making it the highest increase of any local authority in Wales.In comparison, Conservative led councils across the UK are making sure council tax has been frozen.

"The right Lane for Swansea?"

Our Prospective MP for Swansea West, Emma Lane, met with '50 for 15' to discuss her campaign and the issues that Swansea face at this time.

Cllr Tyler-Lloyd: "No wonder more women not getting into politics"

A councillor in Swansea has said that with the bullying she has seen it is no wonder more women do not want to get involved in politics.

That is the view of Mayals councillor Linda Tyler-Lloyd.

Cllr Tyler-Lloyd’s comments came at Swansea Council’s meeting on Tuesday evening following what she cited as “another attempt by come councillors to bully my female colleagues.”

Cllr Tyler-Lloyd condemns "mindless vandalism"

Cllr Linda Tyler-Lloyd, Welsh Conservative councillor for Mayals ward, fears that vandals may have returned to Clyne Gardens, as trees have been discovered with cut and slash marks across them.