Cllr delighted with Llwynderw path progress

After a short wait, access to the promenade is complete in one area of Mayals.


Cllr Linda Tyler-Lloyd recently stopped by the path at Llwynderw which she has been working for and was pleased to see that the job is almost done. Since then it has been fully completed.


Inspecting the progress the other week, Cllr Tyler-Lloyd said: "The path to the prom at Llwynderw looks brilliant already.


"Once it is finished people will be able to get down to the promenade without having to try and fight their way across wet and slippery grass."


Cllr Tyler-Lloyd, who met with Council workers with Emma Lane, the Welsh Conservative candidate for Swansea West, said "Because of the bad weather we have had it has taken a little longer than Council officers first said.


"I certainly wouldn’t like to be out in this cold weather but the workmen have done a great job and it will be all ready for the nicer weather."


Mrs Lane added "Although the big national issues are important, so are the smaller ones as these can often make a big difference to people’s lives.


"The fact the Linda has worked with the Council officers and used some of her environmental fund money to get the path in will be a bonus for residents. I just cannot understand why there was not a path before.


"Thanks to Linda that isn’t a problem anymore though."


Llwynderw Path is now open and allows full access to the prom from the road and the bus stop, and vice versa