Cllr Tyler-Lloyd officially opens new ward path

Community members came out in force last week to celebrate the completion of a path in Mayals.


Cllr Linda Tyler-Lloyd was joined by local residents and other community figures from her ward as she cut the ribbon and officially opened the path at Llwynderw that links Mumbles Road to the Promenade.


Cllr Tyler-Lloyd said: “I am so pleased that the path has been completed, and so quickly as well.


“A number of people have slipped and fallen over before while trying to walk down the grass bank from the road.


“Thankfully that will be a thing of the past now though.”


Cllr Tyler-Lloyd, who represents the Mayals ward, had a number of people report issues and concerns with the steep grass and the lack of access to the sea walk from Mumbles Road and the bus stop on it.


Cllr Tyler-Lloyd added “It may not seem like much, but I am pleased I was able to use some of my environmental fund to improve the area for residents.


“I would also like to thank the workmen who have done such a fantastic job


“The path has been well used already and I am surprised that it was not put in a long time ago.


“As we get to summer I think it will only get more use from local residents, dog walkers, and tourists alike.”