Conservative candidate commits to increasing local job opportunities

A candidate for Swansea West in next month’s general election has started as he means to go on if elected as the area’s MP.

Craig Lawton, the Conservative candidate for Swansea West on 8th June, invited representatives of Heathrow to Swansea to discuss the business and investment opportunities for local businesses.

“I am working to make sure that local businesses get as many opportunities as possible.

“It is only through increased investment and opportunities that we will be able to see more jobs coming to the area for local residents.

“That is why I invited Heathrow representatives here; to discuss how local businesses can benefit from the proposed expansion.”

Mr Lawton, who also ran in last year’s Assembly elections for the same area, said: “The opportunities from Heathrow could be worth more than £6 billion for the Welsh economy.

“I want to make sure that as many local businesses as possible are able to use this opportunity.

“I have already updated local businesses following my meeting and I know that many of them are now taking this opportunity to explore how they can be a part of the project.

“It is encouraging to hear that over £90 million of business opportunities have been signed between Heathrow and small and medium sized businesses around the country, but it is important that Swansea benefits.

“I will continue to make sure that that Swansea’s economy benefits from as many opportunities as possible as we leave the EU.”

He added “It is also really encouraging to hear that the airport has pledged that all their vehicles will be hybrids and energy efficient by 2022.”