Conservative candidate outraged at “Rancid” Queen comments

Craig Lawton, the Conservative candidate for the Swansea ward of Sketty, was outraged at recent comments made by the Plaid Cymru Assembly Member Bethan Jenkins regarding Her Majesty the Queen’s planned visit to Margam Park.


Ms Jenkins posted an article on the social networking website Facebook about the Queen’s visit as part of the Jubilee celebrations later this year and negatively stated that such a “pro Royal bias” was “disheartening.”


Shortly afterwards outrageous comments that Her Majesty was a “Rancid old parasite” and that the smell of the steel works would “mask the smell of piss” from her were posted in response to the Assembly Member’s comments.


Craig Lawton said “I was outraged to see the comments that were made in regards to the Queen’s visit to Margam. What was even more horrendous was that Ms Jenkins continued to discuss the topic with people of Facebook after such comments had been made instead of immediately taking action.”


Mr Lawton, who is training to be a solicitor as well as standing in Sketty ward, went on to say “The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee should be a time for celebration; the fact that she will once again be visiting South Wales is something that we should be excited about. It was very disheartening to see Ms Jenkins’ remarks, let alone those that followed.”