Conservatives buck the trend in Swansea

Craig Lawton, one of the Welsh Conservative candidates for Sketty in the recent elections, has paid tribute to the hard work put in by his colleagues across Swansea. In many parts of Wales the Conservatives vote fell and the party lost councillors, however Swansea has bucked the trend seeing four councillors returned once more, the same number as four years ago.


Mr Lawton said “It is good to see that the hard work we have put in has managed to go against the national swing. In Sketty our core vote still came out in force as we saw just a 10% decrease in our vote from last time out, while the Liberal Democrats saw a decrease of almost 15% and had to go to a recount before holding on.”


Mr Lawton continued “The Conservatives will continue to scrutinise the decisions made by the administration of Swansea Council and will work hard to hold them to account, whether that be in the Council chamber or outside of it.”


In other areas the Welsh Conservatives faired even better; Mayals saw Linda Tyler-Lloyd’s hard work on the Mumbles Community Council get rewarded as she held onto the ward for her party after taking over from the outgoing Conservative councillor, Rene Kinzett.


Mr Kinzett, the former leader of the Conservative group in Swansea Council, echoed Mr Lawton’s thoughts by saying “At a time when many people have been calling for a message to be sent out via these elections, I am pleased that we have managed to weather the storm. While the Liberal Democrats have been decimated we have managed to retain our previous position in Swansea.”


Mr Kinzett went on to say “I hope this result will show the people of Swansea that the Liberal Democrats are no more and that in years to come they will have a very simple choice to make, the Conservatives or Labour.”


In the Gower the Conservative’s saw their vote increase as their Oystermouth councillor’s share of the vote went up by 3%, while in Fairwood their vote remained the same as they retained the ward.


Newton saw the party gain a seat from the last election, as Miles Thomas, who won the ward in a by-election lass then two years ago, was elected for his first full term as a councillor. The party’s only loss occurred in Pennard as Margaret Smith stepped down having served Swansea as a councillor for more than 30 years.