Conservatives Budget Amendment

The Welsh Conservative Group on Swansea Council proposed an amendment to the Council Budget that would have saved local Council Tax payers money, but the Liberal Democrats and Independent Councillors who control Swansea Council pushed through their own plans for a 3.4% hike.

The Conservative amendment would have reduced Council Tax bills by 0.5% and also cut subsidies to the LC, a privately-run leisure centre. The amendment would also have put an extra £1.45 million into road maintence and speeded up the process of fixing potholes and repairing pavements across our City.

The Leader of the Welsh Conservative Councillors on Swansea Council, Councillor René Kinzett said:

"The Welsh Conservatives stand for value for money. We want to see Swansea flourishing economically and we want to invest in our basic infrastructure. We want to see cuts in Council Tax and the protection of frontline services. We don't want to see political pet projects like the 'Boulevard' along Oystermouth Road take up much-needed funds."