Emmanuel Developments - Conservatives Campaigning against Proposed Properties

The former Emmanuel School playing fields site, situated off Derwen Fawr Road, has been earmarked for the construction of 65 new homes. This has been met with widespread opposition from residents.


The Emmanuel School site has already had 29 homes built on it by Taylor Wimpey, however the majority of these remain unsold. Furthermore, with Derwen Fawr Road becoming a bottle-neck at this location the flow of traffic is already disrupted.


The construction of yet more houses would put a strain on not only the Derwen Fawr Road side of the proposed development, but on Mumbles Road as well. Both road systems become clogged with slow moving traffic at rush hour and further houses would only add to this.

Although the developers of the proposed site, PMG Estates and Global Horizons Trust, have stated that they intend to reduce the risk of flooding in the area, the suggestions they have made have been unproven and are, at best, speculative. When considering that the land and the neighbouring King George V playing fields regularly flood due to their close proximity to the Cwm Stream and the River Clyne, the building of houses does not appear advisable.


Not only would the new houses be flooded themselves, they could also contribute to greater flooding in the area in the future, due to a greater amount of surface runoff.


Sketty Conservatives are strongly against the proposed plans to build further houses within the local community and will continue to strive to stop these plans, especially when current houses are struggling to be sold and when other areas have not yet fulfilled their quota for new-build properties within the City and County of Swansea.