Former City Tory Chief welcomes new Administration

The former Leader of Swansea's Conservative Councillors, René Kinzett, has added his voice to the reactions across the City to the news that the balance of power at Civic Centre has shifted so dramatically.


Last Thursday's elections saw the ruling coalition made up of LibDems, Independents and Plaid Cymru lose seats across Swansea - including strongholds in Uplands, Landore and Cockett. Cabinet Members including the former Deputy Leader and the Housing Cabinet Member, Peter May, as well as the Finance chief Stuart Rice all fell on election night.


The LibDems were reduced to 11 Members on the 72-seat Council, with the Independents@Swansea Party picking up only 3 seats.


Commenting on the results, Gower Road, Sketty resident Mr Kinzett said:


"When I took the Conservatives out of the LibDem-led ruling Group on 2007, I knew then that those running Swansea Council had run out of ideas and had no common issues or beliefs holding them together other than the money they received from the extra allowances they got as Cabinet Members or Committee Chairmanships.


"Having clung onto power in the 2008 local elections, the last four years have been a tale of wasted opportunities and wasted money. The LibDems have tried to parade the Leisure Centre and bus station as their great achievements, but the bus station was paid for by Welsh Government money. The LibDems have ignored the calls for a more integrated approach to the City Centre and have failed to improve on the life chances of the most vulnerable in our community.


"I welcome the change in power at Civic Centre, but I challenge the new Labour leadership to resist the temptation to return to 'winner takes all' in Swansea and to reach out across the political divide to ensure that all communities are listened to. For too long, both LibDem and previous Labour leaderships have got into their plush Civic Centre offices and pulled up the drawbridge. 


"Our City needs visionary leaders who see beyond short-term party political gain and instead are at ease with being held to account, welcome robust challenge and give resources to opposition groups to examine the failures, and successes, of the new regime."