Heavy-handed Council shoot themselves in the foot over bike trail

Recent actions by Swansea Council to decimate sections of the bike trails at Clyne Valley Country Park have been labelled as “heavy-handed and unnecessary” by Conservatives Craig Lawton and Dayne Powell.


Mr Powell went on to say that “we are fighting for our green spaces so that they can be enjoyed by the community, not so that we can sit by and simply admire them. The excellent work carried out by the Clyne Riders should be commended, not destroyed; they have taken it upon themselves to better the area and it is a real shame that the council have not supported them in their efforts.” 


Mr Lawton, a resident of nearby Sketty, said “Swansea Council had said that retrospective planning permission would be sought for the trail at Clyne Valley Country Park; however their recent actions make it very clear that they are not in support it.” 


He went on to say “the council have shot themselves it the foot here as if planning permission is later granted they will have destroyed the hard work of others, while if it is refused they may well have to answer some very tough questions regarding procedural impropriety.”