"Help residents instead of insulting them" says Chairman

Commenting on 'Free creme egg for paying bedroom tax leaves tenants outraged', Mr Lawton said: "I entirely agreed with residents who refer to the offer as "insulting."

"It would be much more beneficial for Valleys to Coast to provide their tenants with assistance and advice to help them draw up reasonable payment plans, and budgets, should they have some rent arrears. An offer of a creme egg, or similar, is trivialising the very serious matter of rent payment."
Mr Lawton went on to say: "It is also important to note that everyone who is entitled to Housing Benefit is also able to apply to their local authority for Discretionary Housing Payment should they require some extra help with housing costs.

"Should the local authority turn down the request, residents can also challenge the decision in the form of a review.

"I am however disappointed  that media outlets are still referring to the Spare Bedroom Subsidy as a "tax." It is important to note that the Spare Bedroom Subsidy is in no way a tax. It is in fact a reduction in the amount of Housing Benefit that a tenant receives. No one is required to pay tax on any benefit that they receive."

The Chairman of Swansea West added: "The UK Government announced that from 2013/14 a further £120 million would be made available to increase Discretionary Housing Payments which should further assist residents where required."