Increase in Swansea West vote helps elect Suzy & Byron on Regional List

IT was a successful night for the Tory camp in the South Wales West regional vote were two Conservatives, Suzy Davies and Byron Davies were newly- elected to the Welsh Assembly.

It was however a nervous night for Plaid and the Liberal Democrats as Bethan Jenkins was re-elected for Plaid, but former South Wales West Plaid AM Dai Lloyd was ousted by the vote and Liberal Democrat Peter Black was only re-elected by the slightest of margins.

Ms Davies said she was pleased with the support for the Conservatives on the regional list.

"On a personal level, I'm thrilled," she said. "It was hard work, but I didn't do it alone. There were seven constituency candidates and a team and we all worked together.

"There are lots of local issues to look at, including a review of health and fears about the future of the cardiac centre in Morriston following what happened with neurosurgery.

"We also need to look at community care to help more people be looked after in their communities and to stay at home longer and maintain their independence," she said.