Putting the Breaks on Speeding

Speeding through areas of Sketty has long been a problem. In particular the long, open roads such as Derwen Fawr Road and Rhyd-Y-Defaid Drive have become worse and worse in recent years.


Residents attempting to leave their driveways find themselves in constant danger, while with growing numbers of learner drivers in the area it is becoming a recipe for disaster.


At present the only measures in place are a number of electronic signs to signal the speed that motorists are travelling at. This alone has had little affect in slowing motorists down; in fact they often have the opposite outcome as individuals attempt to see how fast they can travel.


“People travel far too fast along Derwen Fawr Road,” said Craig Lawton, one of the Welsh Conservative candidates in Sketty “It won’t be long before there is a serious accident on it. It wouldn’t take much to slow the traffic down, but instead we are left with signs that, in some cases, encourage speeding. Furthermore, on Saunders Way we have nothing in place at all.”


Clearly the current signs do little to slow down traffic and it would appear that nothing more will be done unless this is brought to the attention of Swansea Council. It should not have to take a serious incident to occur before action is taken.


That is why in Sketty the Welsh Conservatives have been campaigning, and will continue to campaign, for better traffic calming measures


If there are other roads in Sketty which you feel require attention please contact us.