Questionable Policies from Plaid

Craig Lawton, Chairman of Swansea West Conservatives, has questioned the policies of opposition parties.


Earlier this week Plaid Cymru announced their intention to wipe out the university debts of all student doctors that move to Wales to work. Craig Lawton however questioned this policy.


"I am unsure how such a policy would be funded if they were ever in a position to enact it" Mr Lawton said. He went on to add "Such a tactic would not necessarily attract the best doctors, instead it would attract those that want to have their debt wiped out."


The policy went on to state that any Welsh speaking student attaining the required grades to study medicine would be accepted if they wished. Mr Lawton added "again, this is no guarantee of quality. Such policy ideas would in fact weaken our health service in Wales even further at just the time when it needs strengthening."