School Parking Chaos

Road safety is an issue that should not be taken for granted, especially around schools. However, throughout Sketty we are still seeing signs that traffic needs to be managed in a better way.


During school dropping off and collection times there is a steady flow of cars pulling in and stopping in dangerous positions. This is not only endangering other road users, but children and other pedestrians as well. This is particularly prevalent outside Olchfa School and Bishop Gore School.


Sketty resident and mother, Sarah Collins said “The roads around Bishop Gore Comprehensive are a nightmare in the mornings. I am surprised there have not been more accidents with the amount of people who stop in dangerous places and those that pull out without looking.”Clearly a stronger, more visible deterrent must be put in place to protect innocent pedestrians and other road users.”


Your Welsh Conservatives in Sketty are campaigning for an active deterrent around schools with serious fines in place for those that ignore them. This is the only way that you can be kept safe whether driving or walking in your community.