School safety a priority as Swansea Conservatives launch Sketty Contract

Suzy Davies, the Assembly Member for South Wales West, officially launched the Welsh Conservative’s “Sketty Contract” last week outside Sketty Primary School. In attendance along with the Assembly Member were Dan Boucher, Craig Lawton, Tony Lloyd, and Dayne Powell, four of the Welsh Conservative’s candidates for Sketty.


Ms Davies, who is a member of the Assembly’s Children and Young People Committee, said that “The safety of our children has got to be a major priority, and that is particularly the case when they are travelling to and from school.”


Commenting on their Sketty Contract, Craig Lawton said “the whole point in the contract is that we have set out our obligations to the people of Sketty so that they can see what we aim to do for them. Furthermore it will also help residents hold us to account in the future.”


Tony Lloyd, a governor for Sketty Primary School, said that “parking around schools is a particular issue at the moment and has been so for quite a while. It is a problem which others have not been able to solve, however that does not mean we should give up.”


Mr Lawton also added that “something needs to be done before it is too late. At present parents and children walking to school are put in danger by others while parking is also a nuisance to nearby residents.”


The Welsh Conservative’s “Sketty Contract” points in full are as follows:


o   Increase and improve transport links throughout Sketty


o   Protect your green spaces from development


o   Clamp down on those that speed


o   Improve road safety, especially near schools


o   Provide you with better value for your money


o   Stand up for your values


o   Listen to your ideas


o   Provide you with a meaningful voice at County Hall