Swansea Labour's Council Tax Rise

Swansea’s Labour-led council increased council tax by 3.5% in their first year and this was followed by a 5% increase, making it the highest increase of any local authority in Wales.

In comparison, Conservative led councils across the UK are making sure council tax has been frozen.

Prospective Conservative MP for Swansea West, Emma Lane, said "The Welsh Labour Government blame the Conservative’s in Westminster for having to increase council tax in Wales, but in fact the Conservative UK Government passed on money to Labour so that they could freeze council tax in Wales.

"However, the money passed to the Welsh Labour Government has not been used correctly here in Wales, leading to increase after increase in Council Tax both in Swansea and across the rest of Wales.

Suzy Davies, Welsh Conservative AM for South Wales West, added "Welsh residents are on average £150 worse off that residents in England as a result of Welsh Labour’s council tax increases.

"That is almsot £150 that could have been put back into the pockets of hardworking people in Swansea and across Wales."

Emma and Suzy recently met with Rebecca and Gurinder Singh. Under the Welsh Conservatives they would have been £149.31 better off than they currently are living in their D Band Council Tax property in Swansea.