A Swansea that works for everyone: Swansea Conservatives Council Manifesto 2017

A Swansea that works for everyone

  • Supporting hard-working businesses and families
  • Making local taxpayers’ money go further
  • Providing better education and opportunities for our children and young people
  • Looking after the older members of our communities
  • Providing the whole of Swansea with the regeneration it desperately need

Over the next five years in the City and County of Swansea, Swansea Conservatives will:


Call for a Council Tax freeze

Push for greater investment from businesses and all levels of Government following the successful signing of the Swansea Bay City Region Deal by the Prime Minister

Continue to champion the Swansea Tidal Lagoon project to deliver another local economic boost and provide clean, green energy

No further increase in pitch fees on council-run recreation grounds

Provide communities with the opportunity to have more say in how local assets are run

Work with communities to provide the opportunity for them to take over the management and running of their local assets if they wish

Push Labour’s Welsh Government to provide more support for our small local businesses by increasing the Small Business Rates Relief threshold to £15,000 to be in line with businesses in England

Introduce one hour of free car parking in all Council run car parking facilities through a “first hour free” system

Explore the opportunity for resident parking discount cards when parking payment machines are next due to be updated and replaced

Provide proper parking enforcement to give local residents with on road parking permits the reassurance they need and to ensure that safety around schools is safe for children and young people

Use increased income from parking enforcement to provide adequate car parking in Mumbles and Sketty to support local residents, businesses, and tourists

Ensure that cycling and other sustainable transport is a key part of the regeneration for both the city centre and wider City and County area

Explore the feasibility of a Swansea Parkway railway station- as well as the parking and sustainable transport opportunities that could come with this- to help reduce traffic congestion and pollution as well as encouraging greater use of public and sustainable transport throughout the city

Ensure that any new developments see their roads adopted to support local residents in the long term

Safeguard the future of Local Amenity Sites (refuse tips) to support local residents, reduce fly-tipping

Provide “Mobile Council Hubs” to supply important and key council services and support to more rural and difficult to reach areas as well as residents with reduced mobility

Hold regular residents discussion meetings to ensure that bus services are appropriate for residents’ needs

Push for direct funding of schools to ensure funds are used to provide appropriate education for our children and young people and not wasted on local government red tape

Protect all school playing fields from sale to make sure children and young people have access to green spaces during school time

Allow parents the choice of which child care provider their 30 hours of free child care is used at

Ensure that schools work with partners to provide age appropriate life-saving skills training to all learners

Ensure all schools work with partners have appropriate numbers of Automated External Defibrillators and that all children, teachers, staff, and governors are provided with the opportunity for training

Allow, under right circumstances, residents the right to purchase their council houses. Money resulting from this will be invested in future council housing stock throughout the city

Deliver Swansea’s Nowcaster project- which has been delayed by the current administration for over two years- to help cut localised pollution levels and assist with the city’s congestion

Where appropriate, push for a return of money to the Council from the developers of the Nowcaster scheme following persistent delays and failure to meet deadlines

Guarantee that kerb side black bag refuse collection will take place at least every two weeks

Provide a simpler and less heavy handed refuse policy to support residents

Increase the cost of dog fouling fines

Provide guidance and encouragement to local businesses to work in partnership with local community groups on tenders and bids for Welsh Government, and third sector, grant funding

Work with social services staff and management to improve Child & Family Services performance

Maintain day centre and services to enable the older members of our communities to live independently for as long as possible with the right support where needed

Work with local communities to support local “anchor” businesses and companies to help revitalise and improve our local high streets

Continue to improve the tourism offer that is available to local residents and tourists both during and after city centre regeneration

Work with partners to provide Autism, Dementia, and Disability training to council staff and council partners


A copy of the Welsh Conservatives' full Local Government Manifesto 2017 can also be found HERE