Tom Giffard: Heavy Handed Council Parking Measures Unjustified‏

In his recent letter, John Bayliss argues that there are "plenty of places to park legally in the city" and that Swansea Council's heavy-handed approach to street parking is entirely justified.

If he stepped outside into his own ward in Uplands, Mr. Bayliss would realise that this is certainly not the case.

With the large number of students living in Uplands, most will be unable to get parking permits to park in the myriad of residents' bays across the ward, because their car and insurance are often registered for their home address, making them ineligible for parking permits.This often means that many motorists face no choice but to park in residents bays, often outside their own homes, and face a heavy fine for doing so.

The biggest injustice in this, is that traffic wardens and Councillors are aware of this problem, and keep feeding the cash cow - in the last five days, I have seen traffic wardens patrolling the streets of Uplands on three occasions! Mr. Bayliss would do well to spend more time standing up for his constituents and correct this anomaly, and less time on the letters pages of the Evening Post!